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Check My War Wounds
by Candace S. Nelson

I bleed red
and I cry real tears
my feelings get hurt 
and yes, I have fears.
But, that is a part of life's battles of love
It shows were I've been 
and who I was 
So... Check My War Wounds.

Ugly scars
and fond memories
old thoughts of love 
that I will take with me.
Whether it is 
my present, past, or future
love is a war and it is trying to break me. 
but I won't give up too soon
till then... Check My War Wounds!

My past will always haunt my present 
because of memories of untrue love, and games.
But, for my future I have a new game plan
I'm going in- ducking & dodging, bobbing & weaving
the war won't be the same, man.
I might still get hit with some hard blows
but, I got the heart of a soulijah
and I'm ready for the show.
I'm a veteran in this war.
So, hit me with your best shot
'cause I'm coming for more.
All Is Fair In Love And War.

But just before it begins, please remember...
I bleed red, and I do cry real tears
my feelings do get hurt
and, yes! love is my deepest fear.
There is a new love war that will come soon 
and if it just so happens to be with you
all i ask is that you...
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Poem ID: 86501   Poem Posted: 4/28/2014
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Copyright , feb. 2007, Candace S. Nelson  all rights reserved by the author.
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