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The Love of her Life
by   Kimberly Marie

She knows she can't get better than him 
So she stays
She tests herself for faults- she can't find
He fills her up with thoughts she doesn't understand
He loves the things about her- she hates
He stands by her and guides her along the way
She thinks things should be perfect- but knows it's impossible
She strives for stability in life- but fails
He helps to make it easier on her and does all he can
But still she wants more

She knows she can't get better than him 
So she stays
They fight and cry, they laugh (but inside they die)
They die from pain in their hearts
The love tries to fight to beat the anger
Still he stands by her and guides her along the way
He holds her
Even when she pushes him away with the anger
He warms her heart with the love

She knows she can't get better than him 
So she stays
She stays for the comfort, the peace he tries to make
She stays for the love she sees in his eyes
Times get hard, but it gets better
She knows she can strive for stability and fail
Now she sees the truth
All along her stability, 
  her happiness, 
       her love, 
           her everything
Was in him

And now she sees the one thing in life 
that saved her from it all... Disappear
He leaves her alone -not by choice-
As he lays with her for his last moments, 
with his last breath
he says to her
"You were in my arms for a short time 
but in my heart for a lifetime
and I'll never leave your side 
even though you don't see me
I'll be there"

And as he said those words
She knows she can't get any better than him
And so she stays- now because she wants to
She knows he is her everything
And as she watches her everything disappear
They say I love you for the first time and the last
This turning point in her life was hard but she went on
She went on, not striving for stability or anything else
Because she found it all
Even though he was gone 
she remembered him say "I'll be there" 
and she knew he was by her side- forever
She knows life can be hard 
but it can't get any better than this
So she stays 
and standing by her side, an angel guides her along the way
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Poem ID: 13797   Poem Posted: 4/29/1999
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Copyright , 98', Kimberly Marie Ferron  all rights reserved by the author.
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