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You Didn't Know
by April M. Pennix-Garvin

I wished upon a star one night 
for someone just like you. 
And God in heaven smiled and said, 
He?d see what He could do.

He made you beautiful for me 
that all the world would know 
the love I felt inside my heart,
'cause on your face it showed.
He made you flawed so, in His wisdom, 
I would love you more.
By your mistakes I?d laugh, 
I?d cry falling deeper than before.

So, I?d set out in search to find you, 
love is always bought with price.
I never saw your face, my love, 
that was my sacrifice.

And then one day I found you 
and my heart recognized
the love I had, the yearning there, 
was marked within your eyes.

I saw you smile and my pulse raced, 
I had to know your name. 
I couldn?t lose you- not again. 
I couldn?t stand the pain.

So, I?d set out in search to know you, 
had you seen me in a dream?
The way you stared like we?d met before,
that is the way it seemed.

A mutual attraction, a spiritual pull, 
I?d known you all my life.
You walked my way like a sleepwalker 
and the tears brimmed in my eyes.

I knew it, felt it 
I had found- finally-
my one, my only , my true love 
God had made just for me.

You stopped and changed, in that one second, 
looking over my shoulder.
Your eyes had lost what I?d searched the world for, 
they?d grown so much colder.

Behind me was a girl  
more beautiful than I;
yet another reason 
to break down and cry.

With shaking hands and leaden heart, 
I watched that very same day, 
she held your hand and kissed your lips, 
and then, took you away.

Your lips so perfect for my own 
too late now to discover. 
In my place, my precious one, 
you mistakenly took another.

And so you?ll go through many more 
finding heartache without relief.
Forever searching, forever empty... 
punished without reprieve.

We both are hurting,  
soul and soul-searching constantly. 
And all because you didn?t know... 
you were meant for me.
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Poem ID: 56920   Poem Posted: 4/10/2001
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Copyright , 1-5-01, April Marie Pennix-Garvin  all rights reserved by the author.
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