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Just Because
by Ken  Shimada

  I told you that I love you,
  And you asked me why?
  I answered- 'Just Because',
  But you still asked me why?

  Am I suppose to have an answer
  To all your baffling questions.
  Lots of people would answer, like me,
  And say... 'Just Because'
  But you're a lot more special,
  And a lot more nosy
  You always need an answer
  Cause you always get your way.

  Sure, there are lots of little things
  that I love about you . . .
  Like the way the sun bounces off your silky hair.
  The way my mouth feels dry when I see you.

  The way your smile lights up my gloomy days.
  The way I get chills when I speak to you.
  The way my palms sweat when I'm near you.
  The way your eyes out sparkle the stars at night.

  The way I feel my heart beat against yours when you hold me tight.
  The way I melt in your arms when you kiss me.
  But here is an answer for you
  From the bottom of my heart.

  I love you, Andrea, Just Because of You,
  And there's no other reason why.
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Poem ID: 418   Poem Posted: 11/23/1997
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