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The silence of realization
by Whitney Rebecca Wasson

A chance that I'd never hear your voice again,
the thought of such silence surrounding me,
wrapping me tight... it is almost suffocating to think.

I'd never want to miss a breath
that I would regret I missed in the end.
I swing silently in my thoughts
back and forth

I imagine you filling my skin-
the spaces that have been empty for so long.
you, unfolding all of my fragile heart
then something strangles my tangled image.
slowly reality comes- so calm but so swift
that is takes my breath.
I surrender my thoughts.
by opening my eyes to see
I am only kissing the air.

The stillness grows heavy inside;
I race with no head,
no peice of mind to collect my heart.
outside, heavy shivers and a mask of denial
show an appearance of unreal and fake.

The hope is quickly swallowed back to the inside
then swelling up... which makes
pain drip off the tongue.
My stomach sickens because of fear.
sitting on my knees 
in the small room
where the silent wall were screaming;
aware now that nothing else matters,
unwilling to accept that you're gone...
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Poem ID: 51413   Poem Posted: 11/28/2000
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