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As the music plays
by Shannon lee Murray

  As the music plays... I watch you from across the room-
In slow motion I watch your smile bloom.
  Silence overcomes the crowded air, my heart stops-
I am baptized by your heavy stare.
  Our lives slowly become one-
However the song has just begun.
  Days of laughter...
Dreams of... "Happily ever after"

  The touch of your kiss, the warmth of your eyes-
You ask for my hand in marriage...
  My smile is now paralyzed-
As the music plays... our footsteps mark the sand.
  Like children in the snow...
We are stuck in "Fairytale" Land.
  The Ceremony has begun, two lives, now one

  "A perfect Love..." we had no doubt,
As my heart shreds into two- I ask... 
  "what is 'perfect' all about?"
The music has begun to fade
  There is a silence in the love we once made-

  Your bags are packed, all ready to leave...
I embrace my stomach, 
  For the baby shouldn't feel me grieve.
What did I do wrong?
  Do you not find me as beautiful... eight months along?
I must not cry, I must be strong-
  For our unborn child has done nothing wrong.
I watch you drive away-
  ...The music will, now, no longer play.
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Poem ID: 36474   Poem Posted: 6/21/2000
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