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Somewhere Lost
by Avery  Robertson

I can feel the fire
touching me everywhere.
Pain in anger lingers,
hanging heavy in the air.

Wondering how fast things change,
no more moments- only tears.
Left here with mere seconds,
where once were infinite years.

Standing before me, 
a man I no longer recognize,
who yells at the woman 
now saying silent good-byes.

Why is life so hard,
why does it turn & twist love?
Accusations rise and 
push love from high above.

Remembering words of "forever"
replaced with "gimme some slack."
I gave you all my love...
now I want it back.

Lipstick lips on letters
scented with passion's heart.
Now marked "return to sender"
Two people that anger keeps apart.

Living deep with memories,
I didn't want to pay for;
All I hear when I try to stay,
is the slamming of another door.

You could reach out to me,
any place, any time... please;
but you push me so far away;
we are lonely, left in memories.

You go back to your world,
and I am left in mine.
"If there were just some other way,"
but we've run out of time.
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Poem ID: 27808   Poem Posted: 3/2/2000
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