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The Epitome Of Love

Is it in the way you look at me that makes me fall for you,
the gentle way your eyes caress 
the twinkle that besets the darkness of your stare,
the happy glow your face takes on
when I reach your sight?

Is it in the way your fingers lock with mine
that sends shivers through my soul,
the assuring touch that holds me close,
and wipes away the tears that fall?

Is it that race you let me win,
the corny jokes you laugh at,
the care you give when I get sick.

Is it because of the flower you pick 
and tuck behind my ear,
that makes me feel special,
or the tickle you know can make me laugh?

Is it in the way we join that spreads fire and glory,
the passion invoked with longing and need.
The kiss you give that sears my spirit,
breaking me and taming me?

Is it the wildness in you that claims me,
haunting me in my deepest dreams...
The epitome of love becomes pronounced,
in a single breathless moment,
when our persons bend and twine together,
the breaking point reached and we can only cry,
but in the end we only laugh,

when I would much rather go one way and you the other,
but then we stop and choose the corresponding path,
when I would choose to fly and you to run,
and we reach a horizon where the earth meets the sky.

The epitome of love that builds 
upon layer and layer of trust, hope, faith and dreams,
and the blood that oozes out of every wound,
and climaxes in a spectral threshold of living and dying 
in the confines of your love.
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Poem ID: 6989   Poem Posted: 8/23/1998
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Copyright , AUGUST 1998, SUGAR BALINGAO-CARRERA  all rights reserved by the author.
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