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for the white of the purest lily
by pete edward colin short

For the white of the purest Lily, 
For the red of a romantic Rose
For the sweet song of the smallest lovebird, 
For our Love that always grows
For the glint in your most beautiful eyes 
Which shows all you feel
For our hearts that beat as one 
With an everlasting zeal

For the music in our souls 
With our perfect harmony
For all I want to give you, 
From my deepest heart to thee
For your amazing smile 
With its secret kiss
For you and me together 
In happiness and bliss

For all you say and all you do, 
For all our special things
For you I will never surrender, 
Not for all the gold of kings
You are my sweetest darling, 
You are my loving dreams
You are my greatest wish 
And its been granted now it seems

You are my perfect Angel, 
You're everything which I desire
You set my passions aflame, 
And you set my soul on fire
You are so important, baby, 
And this you already know
Because of you the sun shines 
Despite the wind and snow

This last part, my Lady, 
I think it is the best
I will love you forever, my sweetheart, 
And in your arms I will find my rest
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Poem ID: 88571   Poem Posted: 10/25/2014
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Copyright , 2012, pete edward colin short  all rights reserved by the author.
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