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Tornado of Souls
by   Esp

The wind blows through my hair 
as I am walking all alone
thinking of the days just left behind.
Terrified of life itself;
is this my rise or fall?
She's young, free and wild, 
a rose unfolded,
clay unmolded.

The raindrops touch me gently 
as I take another step
wondering why I do the same mistake.
Remembering a half forgotten past,
why do I never learn?
I'm small, delicate and fragile, 
a lie unspoken,
a heart broken.

The moon gets brighter 
and I see some shadows on a wall
wishing they would tell me what to do.
Curious but, yet, uncertain;
is this all a game?
We're close, apart and confused, 
a truth unrevealed,
love concealed.

The sounds have vanished 
and I look up to the shining stars
wanting this to never ever end.
Never knowing me by heart,
do I stand a chance?
Life's nice, sad and strange, 
something growls,
a tornado of souls.
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Poem ID: 20701   Poem Posted: 10/22/1999
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Copyright , September 1999,  all rights reserved by the author.
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