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Red Flower
by Apollo M Hoven

She moved with the elegance of a simpler time 
The beauty of a forgotten generation

From an age of glorious kingdoms
A modern day portrayal of an ancient mystique

She spoke with the bashfulness of a child
Yet, had the self-assurance of a winter storm

A red flower protruded the steams of her golden tresses
It sang to us all

The harmony was soft
The rhythm subtle

He was reserved
Reserved in the shadows of youthful nervousness

But... beneath his quivers
Lay the courage of a fighter

Eyes as deep as the oceans
A heart that beat slow

Marvelous auras accompanied his presence
A gentleman that could take the hand of a nymph 
or lead a queen into courtship without objection

Or so he aspired...

Because in this performance he knew all too well
It would be ages of trial and toil 
before he would embody these virtues

For now he could only dream
And to dreams he escaped
Selling away a lifetime of deeds for moments of wonder

His fantasy manifested in a single adornment
The red flower and its blissful hymn
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Poem ID: 88551   Poem Posted: 9/30/2014
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Copyright , March 2014, Apollo M Hoven  all rights reserved by the author.
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