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by Paul  Fearn

What right have I to feel like this
Please tell me that, what right
So brief our time in Cupids view
What is this need I have of you
If you were gone what would I do?
Just tell me please, what right.?

What law demands we be as one
Please tell me that, what law
Why does your contact make me smile
What puts my feelings up for trial
Should life without you be so vile
Just tell me please, what law?

What God commands our souls are bound
Please tell me that, what God
What made me cast my net anew
A Disciple made to follow you
Allow my heart to worship you
Please tell me that, what God?

What song requires I sing your praise
Please tell me that, what song
Your name invokes melodious note
My life to you, I will devote
Deep thoughts in me your words promote
Please sing that song for me

What canvas dares to show your look
Please tell me that, please do
No artist born could paint your grace
No colors made for your embrace
No brush to stroke your porcelain face
Please paint your love for me
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Poem ID: 149   Poem Posted: 11/14/1997
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