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The Angie Flower
by Brian Earl Cox

If life is a field of satin flowers, you've been there from the start,
planted in the middle, you're the flower with the biggest heart.
The angels planted you, long ago, your water- their joyous tears,
your leaves spread wide and full of love, your nectar, destroying fears.

The angels named the flower, "Angie," its love felt all around,
so beautiful her silk red petals, her inner beauty, so profound.
Then one day a tree was planted, it was crooked and blocked the sun.
a lonely tree, it refused to grow, it forgot that life was fun.

The Angie flower needed sun, she needed the rain to fall, 
but she moved closer to the tree, even though he blocked it all.
She talked and rubbed her silk red petals along the crooked tree,
she showed him ways of growing straighter for all the world to see.

She fed the tree with her own nectar and the tree began to creak,
his limbs grew strong, his trunk now formed a mouth with which to speak.
The tears of joy fell from the tree and watered the Angie flower,
he lifted her up to greet the sun with all his love-felt power.

He held the flower up too long and her roots began to sprout,
they formed inside the happy tree, their love now felt throughout.
The tree thanked GOD every day that he grew by the Angie flower,
now he can do anything, her beauty gives him power.

Myself, I know this tale is true and I'd like the world to see,
that I'm holding up the Angie flower, because that tree is me.

I love you Angie...
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Poem ID: 1441   Poem Posted: 2/11/1998
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