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Who I Am (Without You)
by   Joanna

I am the tree that grows all alone
I am the Queen with no Knight near my throne
I am lonely when you aren?t here,
I am nothing without you near.

I am a single in this world of pairs
I?m the only truth, and surrounded by dares
I am a lion who?s lost all its pride
I am so alone when you?re not at my side.

I?m the only branch mixed in with the trees
I?m just a flower swaying alone in the breeze
I am deaf in a world full of sound
I am worthless without you around.

I am one wren in a group full of doves
I am pain surrounded by love
I am imprisoned while the rest are all free
I?m praying that you?ll come back to me.

I am the sad one, alone in the crowd
I am quiet while the rest are loud
I?m a candle that can no longer burn
I am empty... until you return.
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Poem ID: 45340   Poem Posted: 5/2/2001
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Copyright , 6/10/98, Joanna Lin Belknap  all rights reserved by the author.
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