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by Sandra  Howard

Let's go to bed with our shoes on and jump rope in the rain
chase butterflies and sunrays and steal gold 
from that infamous pot at the end of the rainbow

Let's ride backwards on horseback and eat ice cream with a fork
Let's be young and reckless and throw away our worries with the trash
Let's scream at the moon and shoot down the stars with water

Let's pray to the sun while it warms our skin 
and sip lemonade through our noses
Let's walk barefoot through the grass and tell each other secrets

Let's laugh for hours until our sides ache and tears form in our eyes
Let's love each other for a lifetime 
and hold hands until our palms grow slick with sweat

Let's remember days gone by... never to return
Let's share tender moments which cause us to blush
Let's be together, forever until our eyesight fades 
and our hair turns gray

Let's walk side by side down an empty street and scream at the wind
Let's read each other books of dragons 
and knights and dream of faraway lands

Let's be together forever, even after death 
when we meet up in heaven and chase winged angels
Let's be lovers and friends and so much more to ourselves and others 
and comfort one another in times of sadness

Lets be together for forever and ever and ever...
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Poem ID: 55250   Poem Posted: 1/24/2001
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Copyright , January 11, 2001, Sandra Howard  all rights reserved by the author.
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