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Bad Dreams
by Corie Brianne Ingram

I'm so tired
Eyes heavy
Unbearable weight, like guilt
I turn in
Looking for healing
Instead, I find the cause of my ills

The bed alone waits for me
Another night of four posts, 
Mattress, quilts, and me
I cannot hold myself
Comfort myself
Feed myself
The bed alone does not want me, need me
Just accepts me

Linen sheets, snow white from neglect, 
Will not pull me in
Just to smell my hair
Kiss my waiting lips
Gently touch my skin
Instictively knowing where to put hands
Or just lie there whispering
Words like melody, but more real than fantasy

Soon silence descends
But so much is being said
Then as I shut my lids
The only sound is breathing
And I wish for the constant rythum 
Of two beats as one

Though so weary
All my strength is needed
To pull back the sheets and enter... alone
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Poem ID: 60040   Poem Posted: 5/18/2001
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