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If again...
by Silvana  Krculic

If again...
We met by chance,
Would you know me
By my smile?

If you read my words
On a scrap of paper,
Would you know my name?
Could you tell?

If I stopped to smell
Red roses in your garden,
Would you care,
Or wish I did not stare?

If I passed you in a crowd
And our shoulders touched,
Would you know-- it's me?
Could you bear the pain?

Should you ever want
To know, those late nights,
Who it was that sent you
The midnight rain...

You'll know then. 
I'll wear the pink see-through
Dress-- with the yellow rose
You gave me-- dry.
If again...
We meet by chance.
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Poem ID: 67217   Poem Posted: 4/7/2005
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