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One Moment In Time
by LeAnn  Puglisi

This love is so strong and powerful
Making thought once rational- irrational;
Clarity- elusive; days and nights- indistinguishable.
The agony of separation only intensifies, heightening the anguish
And, yet, your smile dispels the mist, 
bringing the sun out from behind clouds.
Our laughter rings through the hills and cheers our souls;
Any doubt leaves with the wind that gently swirls around us.

Memories sweet enough to last a lifetime
wash over us as the waves of summer,
Bittersweet in content, fill a yearning void.
Our paths were not meant to linger longer than this moment;
The fragrance of our love remaining long after we depart;
Bringing light in the darkness, if but for an instant;
Fleeting as your touch, sad as the tears on my face.
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Poem ID: 21314   Poem Posted: 11/8/1999
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Copyright , 8/16/99, LeAnn Puglisi  all rights reserved by the author.
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