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by   another lonely heart

You are only a child once, they say
 Live it as best you can
People come and people go
 You will have to understand

Soon you'll learn promises may be broken
 And dreams can come undone
With each day, you'll grow and grow
 And you'll learn... not to run

For no matter what road you choose
 Pain will tag along
But one day, you'll stop and realize...
 You've found where you belong

Life isn't always easy
 You need someone to help pull you through
So when the times are at their worst
 You'll know just what to do

I've felt love, I've felt pain
 And I've had a little in-between
I've done my share of things I regret
 And said things I didn't mean

I thought I'd found... forever
 I thought I'd never lose at love
But when 'forever' ended
 It was a message from above

Telling me someone else was there
 Someone to love me more
But I never would have found that out
 Had he not opened up the door

There is pain followed by pleasure
 And pleasure followed by pain
One of them leads to the sunshine
 The other one leads to rain

Yet, each time you look at me
 It's like no one else is there
When we talk, I can tell by your words
 That you really do care

So, if everything has a reason for happening
 I know everything is leading to you
It may not be easy for me to say what I feel
 But I know... you are feeling it, too
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Poem ID: 25759   Poem Posted: 1/9/2000
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