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Marriage Reflections
by Lorien   al'Aristagon

Our's was not the fleeting of a butterfly,
or the delicate flight of a swan.
We watched moonlight filtered through single droplets of dew.
Listened to the wind send leaves down rain filled gutters.
Walked through patches of sun below the dark green of pines.

Our's was the strong grain of redwoods,
the swift running of a mountain stream.
We saw the ends of sunrises and the beginning of soft colored days.
Sat on knotted driftwood beside crumbling cliffs of sand.
Stood above flickering lights of the town below.

Our's was not the fall of a down feather,
or the slender thread of lace.
We watched dusk deepen, followed by scented evening.
Listened to strands of grass harmonize with the wind.
Walked under Spanish moss hanging from massive limbs.

Our's was the silent charge of a lion, the strength
of a bending willow in a summer storm.
We watched endless flights of birds above the horizon.
Sat on a rock far below the seamless sky.
Stood by quiet waterfalls of flowing rivers.

Our's was not the fleeting of a butterfly,
or the delicate flight of a swan.
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Poem ID: 56428   Poem Posted: 2/6/2001
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Copyright , 1999, Lorien al'Aristagon  all rights reserved by the author.
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