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by Miriam M. Wynn

Like so much wine 
Your love intoxicates me, 
Sends me spinning 
Into dizzy consciousness; 

My thoughts are slurred, 
Yet they are sharply focused, 
Obsessed upon the enigmatic puzzle of 
And for however disarmed I am, 
My weapons are trained on you? 

I am a drunk? 
Yet my every sense is heightened 
And each aches to feel you out; 
I'll have my satisfaction, 

This may seem unreasonable, 
But allow me my fascination; 
You deliberately inebriate me 
And I find it disturbingly unfair; 

But since you would have your way with me, 
I'll have to have mine with you, 
As well. 

I may be drunk, 
And slightly foolish, 
But I've got powers yet; 
Your lips to mine 
Shall melt like the wine 
You are? 
And in your dark and erotic dreams 
Those lips will moan my name, 
As mine will in competition 
Moan yours. 

Sweet wine, 
You are so mysterious and heady, 
You pack more of a punch 
Than I'm prepared for, 
And your mellow taste gives no hint 
To the seduction that you plan; 

I inhale your bouquet, 
And I am knocked out by the aroma? 
Have made 
Unforgivably drunk 
And I cannot escape you? 

But I think I'll down you quickly, 
Easily and greedily? 
The bite in you is hidden, 
And you are so delicious? 
I'll drink you down blindly and thirstily, 
For you enchant my senses, 
And I'll stupidly forget 
All the consequences you'll bring. 

I shall have my fill of you, 
For as long as I can stand it, 
For as long as I may ever live; 

And you shall have your way with me, 
As it was meant to be. 
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Poem ID: 9953   Poem Posted: 1/29/1999
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Copyright , 1998, Miriam M. Wynn  all rights reserved by the author.
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