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by Roger W Takla

I've been touched with hands that tore my flesh,
Have been made to feel that am a trash;
I've been trod upon as if a useless rug,
And never felt the warmth of an honest hug.

Alone in my bed I've quivered, not from cold but fear.
Everywhere I went I saw their disgusting sneers;
I tried to fight, I tried to win, but always I failed,
And found myself with beasts being laid.

I've granted love, but been given hate,
At nights I've said to be "great."
I have knelt and prayed, but bootless were my cries,
It seemed that not even God could clear my eyes.

You came into my life and held my hand;
You taught me how on my feet I could stand.
You loved and never asked of the past or of now;
You simply cared and I don't know how.

You told me I could be a star up in the sky,
Or even an eagle that hovers on high.
You saw in me not darkness but light;
You taught me how to win the fatal fight.

You changed me, you gave me love, 
You made my heart as pure as a dove.
You made me hang on, no matter what;
You've taught me to face the cold and the hot.

I love you as no man has ever loved.
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Poem ID: 80588   Poem Posted: 5/22/2005
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Copyright , 2005, Roger Wajih Takla  all rights reserved by the author.
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