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by Val  Harris

I never thought I could hurt this much,
The way I hurt today.
On my skin lies the memory of your touch,
Now that you've gone away.

How could you tell me you loved me,
If you knew it wasn't true?
Everything you promised to show me,
Was lost when I lost you.

You told me I was the only one,
Who ever knew you at all.
You said to believe that you were the one,
Who would catch me if I would fall.

You've played your game for much too long,
And I wish I could have seen it before.
Now I'm struggling to be strong,
As I slowly shut the door.

There's no more looking back to you,
No more promises to keep.
There's no one to hold on to,
As I cry myself to sleep.

As I sit alone in my room,
I cannot help but cry.
I know I'll have to face it soon...
The final word, "goodbye."
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Poem ID: 36602   Poem Posted: 6/22/2000
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Copyright , 6-15-00, Valerie Marie Harris  all rights reserved by the author.
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