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Always Missing You
by Joseph R. Mann

Seems like only yesterday
when I first looked into your eyes.
I was engulfed by an eternal passion
to live within those sunset skies.

The woman I have come to know
and time with whom I've spent...
has since, captured my EVERY emotion
and my heart to a certain extent.

Before my meeting with "Destiny"
my purpose was yet to be found.
After the first evening we spent together
I always wanted to have you around.

Had so much fun with you, honey, 
though I was a little shy.  
My outer shell seemed to break away
when it came time for goodbye.

But things couldn't last forever
there is a final chapter to every book.
When you said that you had to go, 
a piece of my heart, you took.

Going back to a nighttime wish
I had made with you by my side.
Wished we would last a lifetime,
these feelings I can no longer hide.

Since that evening I've come to see
that wishes are just for fools.
Devised by thieves and lazy dreamers
who lust after gold and jewels.

Regrets for any pain I've caused
and the wrong choices I've made.
So thankful for your forgiving heart
...all our problems just seem to fade.

Be careful honey, while you're away
And good luck in all you do.
There will always be an innocent heart
in love with and missing you. 

I am dedicating this poem to a very special woman 
who has made a definite difference in my life.... 
Danielle, thank you so much baby!
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Poem ID: 11152   Poem Posted: 3/1/1999
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Copyright , 1999, Joseph R. Mann  all rights reserved by the author.
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