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It doesn't matter
by Michael David Coffey

Caring as I do
       I wander the
    avenues of longing
Your presence in the
         flowers, the streams
The silence in the
That embrace your
       name,  'Love'

Caring as I do
       I neglect the
    ways of the world
And wander in my
    mind's pursuit
  of dreams
     Yet to be
Perhaps never to be
 But believing this truth
           to be destined-
That we will love

Caring, caring as I do
     I caress the
And watch the
     fine sunbaked
Disappearing in
    the desert of
And I cry for you

Caring as I do
     my life takes
   on a perception
   of unearthly tones
Of music divinely
Played in the
  forest of lost souls
Where I seek you
And I say, 'It 
       doesn't matter'
Yet, I die for you
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Poem ID: 21158   Poem Posted: 10/23/1999
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Copyright , August 29, 1999, Michael David Coffey  all rights reserved by the author.
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