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Beyond Any Gem
by Anna Gael Schell

There is a secret place, deep within my soul,
I call, "My vault of memories of you." 
It keeps me company when I?m by myself; 
And conjures up myriad images of our shared past ? 
Our walks by the river, up mountains,
The shared scent of the flowers we love, 
But mostly - the inherent dearness of you. 

I see your smiling face and your bright blue eyes 
When you bring me a cup of steaming tea each morning in bed ? 
"Proper Tea!" you say, "For my beloved AnnaGael."
(What a glorious way to start my day).
I smile to myself as you rush off to work in "your" garden 
?then later, watch you flexing your biceps
?all pleased with the obvious improvement.

Your tenderness is my constant companion? whether awake,
Sleeping, or in my secret vault. 
I remember the first time I saw you. 
Your hair was blowing crazily in the wind 
And you crossed the street dodging noisy traffic, 
Waving amid honking horns ? but looking so debonair! 
We had seen each other just once, "Across a crowded room." 
You were so shy, so boyish, so diffident, at first. 

"Would you ?ah - like a latte?" you said.
Would I!  Now, I see you still in my secret vault ? 
Losing your shyness slowly, and talking freely about yourself.
Your face is all expressive; animated; so full of life. 
I feel myself falling in love with you and staying there.
How I loved, how I still love your wonderful laugh ?
(I can hear it now.)
Your eyes twinkle and crinkle at the corners 
And you throw your head back and completely lose your composure. 
It makes me laugh to think of it.

You are such a free spirit, a maverick, 
And even more so in my secret vault of memories of you.
Yet, you are my Cosmopolitan Man- complete in every way.
Now I walk down the street, head high 
In all the confidence your love has brought into my Life. 
You are always with me ? 
I am never really alone, for I can always, always
Find you in my secret vault of memories of you.
So it shall be ? now, and beyond forever.
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Poem ID: 78450   Poem Posted: 9/17/2004
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Copyright , 2004, Anna Gael Schell  all rights reserved by the author.
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