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Emotions Run High
by Ryan Thomas Wurstner

Forever was the word, we both had in our hearts,
And I know I'm at fault, because we fell apart.

I feel the sorrow in teardrops of rain,
Your voice has gone, it drives me insane.

With your picture in mind, I am guided along,
Was it my pride that drove me to become so wrong?

My mind is overtaken with dreams of the past,
The feelings for you seem to everlast.

As I reflect on the silhoutte of our last kiss,
My eyes burn with tears, it hurts to reminisce.

Loneliness and heartache are the reasons for each single word,
I wish you understood, I wish that I was heard.

You lifted my heart as each time it fell,
These emotions I pour out are the truth that I tell.

The scars of pain have not healed with time,
I'd still move heaven and earth for you to be mine.

The distance between us has grown far and wide,
But still, I keep these feelings bottled up inside.

I could stay in this dream forever and try,
The thoughts brush right past and my heart starts to die.

You pass right by, I watch and I sigh,
With each breath I take, emotions run high.
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Poem ID: 5037   Poem Posted: 5/31/1998
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