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by   HYS

If finding each other is freedom,
We both were free.
  Two adjacent worlds
  With screaming hands.
  We two had come down
  From two mountains,
  Like two passionate rivers
  We had run into each other
  At a junction;
  We had forgotten separation,
  Longing did not exist,
  Happiness was a blue child
  Playing in our garden...

If suffering is freedom
We both are free...
  Love means- looking for
  Love means- missing
  It means- losing a dreamy toy
            after having found it.

Everything turned out to be a lie,
  There was something called love
  There is nothing called love...

I have suffered for days,
I have suffered in silence...
In this little lodging
In an earthquake-like chaos,
I have lived for several millenia
Sticking to pains...
If suffering is freedom
We both are free...
  It is those glances that
  Remain after pains
  As tears in my eyes I got
  The clouds of the sunset...

Everything turned out to be a lie.
'There' was to be scattered away
In different trajectories...
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Poem ID: 21691   Poem Posted: 10/27/1999
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