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Love is in the air
by   Eurlantae

When Lovers meet, in a tender, warm embrace
And press and touch and hold each other tight;
The air is ripe with sparkles and perfume 
And love is in the air.

And, yet, these Lovers, pressing though they may
Cannot erase the distinctness of their forms.
Their bodies meet, their bodies touch... but stay disjoined
Though love is in the air.

But when two souls- each for each desire
And meet, embrace and 'wrap' themselves around;
They mix and meld, no longer held apart... because,
Love is in the air,

And so, my dear, when next our bodies meet,
Embrace me with the arms I love to feel
But wrap me in the beauty of your soul,
And love, Our love... will fill the air.
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Poem ID: 9087   Poem Posted: 6/13/1999
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