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Love Lost
by   LindaAnne

September, October, the darkness grows
The chill winter wind wraps her in its arms
Freezing the teardrops 
Never to melt the ice in her veins 

Remembering the joy they once shared
She looks in the mirror and no one is there
The ending, so swift, yet, love's still alive 
The past is the present, it can?t be denied

Spoken for then... but no longer needed
A heart in two pieces, cut so deep
A love, she thought, they were meant to keep
She knows her heart will never be free

Never to love again
She reflects on the past
Soft flowers in a datebook
From a happier time

The voice that caressed
The love that enflamed
Words, remembered with a sad smile
Hopes for a future, that wasn?t to be

Not understanding, this twist to destiny
The sunset loses its beauty
The wind carries her away
Another end to a long lonely day

Blue eyes watching the darkness
She sits through the night
Wondering why... Oh why
Must his memory linger .......
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Poem ID: 2928   Poem Posted: 3/30/1998
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