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Getting Over You
by Terry Vanessa Lisbon

     There used to be an 'us', not a you and a me. 
        I knew the touch of your hand in mine,
               the curve of your smile, 
              the sound of your laughter. 

                We were one, a couple,
                    ? a pairing.

       The phone would ring and instinctively, 
feeling your presence before I ever heard your voice, 
               longing for your touch,
             knowing you would come soon. 
         All these things, and tomorrow too!

                Forever one, a couple,
                     ? a pairing.

   Childlike dreams and wishing on a fallen star,
                shared by both of us. 
          Yesterday and eternity together, 
                    never to part. 
         Secrets shared, fantasies explored, 
      love's flames raging into a roaring fire. 

                  Forever one, a couple, 
                     ?a pairing.

      When did your heart leave, I can't recall?
               The separation of souls
       knitted together for a fleeting moment.  
  The intrusion of space, the distance of thoughts, 
               our minds? worlds apart. 

           We were no longer one, a couple, 
                     ?a pairing. 

    Now, separated, divided, two different people, 
             love no longer felt by you. 
           Strangers in an awkward embrace,
                Just me, and not 'us'. 
                 Time standing still 
          while I am still getting over you.
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Poem ID: 18106   Poem Posted: 7/15/1999
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