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Three Perfect Roses
by Michael David Coffey

Three roses for you, my love, today
Pink perfection in a long stemmed creation
Fragrant, like a thousand perfumes
Everlasting, eternally blessed
A gift of passion, Trinity
In our love... three elements, given
Faith, Hope and Love
Three precious gifts of light
Our love, undeniable, yet challenged
A world of conflict and separation
Attempting togetherness
Driven by wild attraction, determination
Faith in the possibility, happiness
Living in partnership, sharing
Hope in the future together, fulfilling
Loving, unconditionally, provocatively
Two lives in evolution, sharing
Living in harmony in adversity
Faith, Hope and Love
Three perfect roses for my love
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Poem ID: 5647   Poem Posted: 6/15/1998
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Rose and Rhyme Sweets Message in a Bottle Flowers

Copyright , June 13, 1998, Michael David Coffey  all rights reserved by the author.
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