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And We Danced.....
by Carly Ann McGovern

And we danced.
   In the cool, dark basement
   To the soft muted tunes of an r&b song
      that played on a local radio station
we danced
      and he held me tight against him
   I could feel his heart beat against my cheek
      and his breathing is quick and shallow
and we danced
      swaying gently back and forth
      with my arms around his neck 
      and his encircling my waist
we danced
      softly moving to the slow rhythm 
      I can feel his breath in my hair
      as he rests his face upon my head
and we danced
     the final notes of the song are sounding 
     and he leans down for a kiss
     the music stops, the dancing stops
and time stops
      as he brings his lips to mine.
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Poem ID: 10475   Poem Posted: 2/1/1999
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