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A Stolen Moment
by Michael David Coffey

In fluttering light
 cascading down
 among the windswept
I saw you there, in
 white silk wrap,
Coiled close around
 your softness

In the sunlight's glow
 of an orange ember
Sunbeams caressing your
 dark brown hair
And silver rays of
 winter's pure light
A halo about your
 beautiful presence

In that light of a 
 stolen moment
You came into my heart
 and took me,
Leading me into the 
 warmth of your own thoughts

And we were like one
 with the wind howling
Crying out for our union
And the haunting song
 of a thousand journeys
Bringing us together, again
Our souls intermingled
 in the purity of
  a lovers
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Poem ID: 9494   Poem Posted: 1/3/1999
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Copyright , December 15, 1998, Michael David Coffey  all rights reserved by the author.
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