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Until we meet...
by Sharon Darlene Barker

Until we get the chance to finally meet...
I want you to know, that I hold you close
in my heart...there is not a day that goes
by, that I do not wish you well...

My thoughts run to you and your Daddy, 
each and nights do not 
end, without a prayer being days
do not go, without a tear being shed...

I know all of this confuses you...and you
listen and see so much much 
hurt...not something a child of 3 should
endure...not something to be blamed for...

Yet, so many children in this world, are 
used against a parent...they are scolded
and held accountable for something they
did not do...had no control over...

Instead, at this time of confusion...time of
wonder...children need to be loved even
more...more time to share fun things...more
hugs and more kisses...assurance...

But, one thing I can assure that 
your Daddy loves you more than life itself...
and he will not give up until you and he are together...
no matter what you have been told...

So, Little One...until we meet...I will hold you
in my heart...pray that the day will come soon,
that you will know only happiness and love...
a life that you are so deserving of...
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Poem ID: 5696   Poem Posted: 6/16/1998
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Copyright , 06/13/98, Sharon Darlene Barker  all rights reserved by the author.
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