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I swim in a sea of my love
by Ingrid Showalter Swift

I swim in a sea of my love
Ebony waves and splendor abide deep within 
the secret heart of who I really am
I walk in quiet forests amongst falling leaves of gold 
A whispering world of flowing waters rain down around me 
and the air is filled with sound 
and now and again... gentle wind chimes

The air... so soft and promising, blows against my cheeks 
and spreads ocean drops of spray in my hair 
that twinkle and shine in the moon light
There are birds who bow their heads... one to the other 
in an ever exchange of deep rivers of love
and I am twins in love... Me and thee and you and... I am 
nothing but the twirling leaves as they fall 
or a small shell rocking in your palm

Feel me in the sunlight and snow
Feel me in ice cream and golden corn
Taste me in the sea salt and the brine in your nostrils
Feel me as I feel you... ever flowing deep within
There is no beginning, there was no first moment...
only an 'ever' that lasts... through many lifetimes
Caresses my hungry soul with familiar songs that promise...
I am not forgotten
In the night soothe these washing aches with dreams 
Let our hands meet... our feet greet... our eyes lock 
and we will live forever the fall of rain and color
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Poem ID: 87615   Poem Posted: 2/7/2009
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