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Hello or Good-bye?
by Brandy  Rae  Galloway

If I told you I was leaving-
Never to return-
Would you cry and say you love me?
Would your heart forever burn?

Or would you simply shrug
And look me in the eye,
Never flinch or shed a tear
And easily say good-bye?

Because I feel I'm already gone-
No effect left on your life-
Just like bein' cut,
But no wound left from the knife.

At night sometimes I yearn for you,
But seldom give you a call,
'Cause when I do you seem as if
You don't miss me at all.

I often lay awake and cry
For the tunes that we once shared.
The times you held me close to you
And told me that you cared.

They seem so far away now,
Even the memories linger less.
We seem to have forgotten
All our smiles and happiness.

Do friends not matter in the world?
Have I no meaning to you?
Does it not matter how much I loved you
Or how much that we've gone through?

Well, I thought about you this holiday, 
And decided to write it down
Even though these words to you
Upon your ears may sound profound.

I'll always have that place
Deep inside my soul
And though you set me free
I'll never let you go.

I don't want you as a lover.
I want you as a friend.
So, today I want to know
Is this a beginning or the end?
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Poem ID: 53304   Poem Posted: 1/26/2001
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