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As He Sleeps
by Nicole  Arias

I watch him
as he sleeps,
his peaceful sleep.
He takes a breath, 
first shallow,
then deep.
I breath with him,
gazing upon him
with much love....
Studying each precious feature,
memorizing every line,
shape and curve 
of his being.
A little piece of heaven
is what I'm actually seeing.
I take focus on his lips,
laying gently,
one on top of the other...
perfectly shaped,
soft and warm.
They part ever so slightly
as his sleep deepens,
and I am reminded of his kiss.
Like the sun,
it warms me from head to toe.
Each kiss comes to an end 
but never quite lets me go.
Quietly I sit....
close to him,
still with him.
Watching him with my eyes,
loving him with my heart,
embracing him with my soul.
Every breath draws me closer
in spirit,
deeper in love.
And so.....
I watch him
as he sleeps,
his peaceful sleep.
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Poem ID: 610   Poem Posted: 12/29/1997
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