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The Chasm In My Mind
by   Mike in FL

Are fantasies allowed in here;
    Can we bring them to the fore?
Can we touch the love we dare to dream;
    Will it leave us wanting more?

Is there room in here for all these thoughts,
    The ones I've had for you through time,
The pictures I try to touch
    Of your body wrapped in mine.

Can I fill the room with visions,
    Illusions created just for me,
Ones where you sometimes speak so clearly
    How you once wanted it to be.

The chasm ripped wide open
    It left a void that can't be breached,
The sands of time still try to fill it
    I stand on one side seeking peace.

Left alone was so undaunting
    Despair had found a brand new form,
Swept away in one stark moment
    Leaving only one to mourn.

The bliss that I was feeling,
    Was it really ever there?
It haunts me every waking moment
    In dreams it's something we still share.

I think I'll close my eyes just now
    Only for a moment- then I'll be fine,
You see the life where we still share our love
    Lives in that chasm in my mind.
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Poem ID: 33676   Poem Posted: 5/25/2000
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Copyright , 4/2000, Mike in FL  all rights reserved by the author.
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