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by Michael David Coffey

Blue black star lights
  on a shimmering ocean
Spread, endlessly in
  the heat of the day
Gentle waves sliding
  quietly ashore
Sharp edges of
  sapphire reflecting
         our love

Blue black glints,
  dazzling my vision
A dance of damsels
  on the surface of a diamond
Glittering fragility
  in the wings of an angel
Fluttering frantically
  at the edge. 
Sapphire blue black

Blue black passion
  caught in the heat
A day's decision lying
  in the hot sands
And images of a face,
  youthful and free.
A thousand facets of
  a life unfurled
 A lover's play

Blue black infusion
  of hot passion
And kisses in the ocean's
  endless rhythms
Drums and drumbeats
  and sandpipers
Playing a passionate tune
  Of lovers, lives
And sapphire
      blue black
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Poem ID: 19199   Poem Posted: 8/6/1999
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Copyright , July 25, 1999, Michael David Coffey  all rights reserved by the author.
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