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You Had Your Chance To Be With Me
by Ava Maria Montgomery

You had your chance to be with me
But you just couldn't do me right
You wanted to be a ladies man
And be with other women at night

You had your chance to be with me
But I must'nt have been important to you
You thought that I'd always wait around
To see what you would do

You had your chance to be with me
And change - I believed you would
But when I saw that lady at your house
Tears ran down my heart as I stood

You had your chance to be with me
And to you I was sweet and kind
I would have done anything for you
Because I was so happy you were mine

You had your chance to be with me
But for you I wasn't enough
You see, I wasn't there for the money
I was there when times got tough

When you have someone who is good to you
For some reason you push them away
But, I loved you for who you are
And I would have stuck with you all the way

I didn't care about your white truck
All I wanted was your time
I loved you when you had money
And I loved you- broke without a dime

You didn't appreciate a good woman
You said I was too good to be true
You messed up your chance to be with me
One day you'll regret that... I promise you

You see you never miss your well
Until the water suddenly runs dry
And you see the grass isn't so green
Now that you have opened your eyes

You had your chance to be with me
But it's too late - I've moved on
But like most, you never miss a good thing
Until one day you see it's gone.
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