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Dreaming    Love Fantasy   
By: K A E    
"Take me away
to a far away place ..."
There Now.    Love Remembered   
By: Mick Goodson    
"There now...
Diamonds    The Pains of Love   
By: Jill Renee' Lamonte    
"Diamonds are forever
But darlin' can't you see ..."
If I were the Moon    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Eric Stanley Shaw    
"If I were the moon and you the sea,
I'd guide your way for eternity. ..."
Adamantine    Love Displayed   
By: Juzz do it    
"Break not, as the ground beneath you begins to shake
Fail me not as time draws on, making you weary ..."
A Love I Couldn't Hold    Love Remembered   
By: Mario William Vitale    
"Cold, gray skies- like my eyes-
shed a tear or two; ..."
If I Cried A Tear    The Need to be Loved   
By: Freddy Juarez Marmolejo    
"If I cried a tear from my broken heart,
A lonely tear for a world fallen apart ..."
Made of Paper    Love and Hate   
By: Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"My flesh is made of paper,
and I hide myself within ..."
Sanctuary    Love Declared   
By: The Godess    
"Were your arms a church,
I would beg sanctuary, ..."
LIKE A LILY AMONG THE THORNS    Valentine's Day Poems   
By: Tom Alan Zart    
"Like a lily among the thorns
So are you among the rest. ..."
When I die...    Love and Death   
By: Bernadene Dionicio Arches    
"If death comes to take me away,
My darling, please do not be afraid. ..."
To Sweet Surrender    Love Described   
By: Kristine Beulke    
" I close my eyes
to sweet surrender. ..."
My Heart    Love Fantasy   
By: Mohammad Badri    
"I remained unsure
of the mystery behind ..."
Nebulas and Novas    The Power of Love   
By: James Walters    
"Somedays I can fathom
Comets' tails and wind; ..."
Untitled 13    Love Declared   
By: gman    
"Wait, I?m not ready yet.
The music is still playing, yet ..."
I?ve loved you    Love Declared   
By: Enrique Alberto Hurtado Minotta    
" Woman...
I have loved you so much and in all the ways ..."
Bec    Love Fantasy   
By: EmmaGreen    
" you - the little black-haired temptress
who nightly walks my dreamscape ..."
Victim of "The Lie"    For That Special Someone   
By: Karen Kimberly Logsdon    
"Little one too early
Little one too small ..."
Together Again    Love and Death   
By: Paul Fearn    
"A single tear sits on her cheek
Created by her thoughts, so bleak ..."
our sea    Love Declared   
By: D. Gordon Hart    
"we are the taste of honeysuckle juice
the smell of lilacs on a spring morning ..."
Come Back and Let Us Love Again    Love Withdrawn   
By: Mary Lee Desjarden    
"O Love of mine, where have you gone?
Why aren't you here where you belong? ..."
Pinnacle of Cynicism    The Pains of Love   
By: Matthew David    
"I recall the pinnacle...
That turned me cynical. ..."
The Lonesome Tower    Love Described   
By: Mythology    
"The tower in the distance
Unmolested for many years past ..."
Standing in the rain    Pleading For Love   
By: James W Puck    
"I want to be your strength
I want to be your courage ..."
Living for a Love, in Misery    The Pains of Love   
By: Marissa Flu-Allen Flu-Allen    
"I?m at my best when you're at your worst;
At your left when needed at your right. ..."

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