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KNEES    Love Past   
By: Ingrid Showalter Swift    
"My knees
I used to fall to my knees ..."
Oral Fixation    Love Described   
By: Michael    
" ...beyond shoulders...
...to the softness of neck, your scent capturing my senses... ..."
MY LOVE    Love Described   
"You are the essence that makes me whole,
each day of my life, ..."
A Life Of Dreams    Love Fantasy   
By: Tara F Brewer    
"A life spent without shared dreams,
Is a life not truly lived. ..."
Bad Dreams    The Need to be Loved   
By: Corie Brianne Ingram    
"I'm so tired
Eyes heavy ..."
Missing You    Love Apart   
By: Destiny Marie Szymczak    
"I call you on the phone
simply to hear your breath. ..."
Sorry I Wasted Your Time!    Suicide   
By: Jess Hinchberger    
"They say, "What doesn't kill you
Makes you all the stronger." ..."
Living In between    Love and Parting   
By: Avery Robertson    
"Night begins its journey
as it falls in blue shades of velvet ..."
Untitled    Love and Parting   
By: Robert M. Topp    
"I can still remember
When I first entered in; ..."
Angel Dreams    Love Described   
By: Joel L. Reid    
"Lost in peaceful, silent bliss,
The sleeping angel dreams. ..."
You Give Me Joy    Love Described   
By: Sarus .S    
"Fiery leaves,
of passion and forgone misery. ..."
your loss    Love and Hate   
By: sarah climber girl    
"it's hard to think of the good times
when i see my scarred heart; ..."
Forget my love    The Pains of Love   
By: Inez A.    
"Our shadows danced in the moonlight,
that silent starry night, ..."
Do you remember....    Love Remembered   
By: Ann Marie Gonzalez    
"Do you remember the way it felt when we first kissed,
Your soft lips against mine? ..."
If Only    Love Fantasy   
By: LadyofKnight    
"A coral sun, a swirl of blue,
Purple brush strokes fill the sky. ..."
To My Dad:    Love and Hate   
By: Kelly Caudill    
"All of your false promises
Are coming to an end ..."
Dried-Out Roses    Love Remembered   
By: Carla Nicole Ward    
"Old red roses, dry and dead.
Wilted petals fall instead. ..."
When the Music Fades    Love and Fear   
By: David Reed Sutter    
"Let me in so I can learn the love you have,
so I may be free ..."
If I... If You...    Love Described   
By: Beth Ann Rock    
"If I closed my eyes
Would you remember the color? ..."
By & Bye    Love Fantasy   
By: Kristine Beulke    
" Upon the hill, high in the castle,
she'd stop and stare on every hour. ..."
Sparkle and the Smile    For That Special Someone   
By: Timothy L. Dewey    
"From the gum on the bottom of my shoes,
to the pet that went astray, ..."
Scared To Think...    Love and Doubt   
By: Sweet Girl    
"I sit here, alone - with thoughts of you,
Sometimes confused - of what to do. ..."
The Best of Friends    Love Between Friends   
By: A. Clare F.    
"Two peas in a pod, two perfect soulmates
Two bright spirits is all it takes. ..."
My Lover Stands Before Me    Love Described   
By: Lisa A. Ertolahti    
"My lover stands before me
Head of pure gold ..."
YOU ARE    The Power of Love   
By: john C. Turner    
"you are the best thing to happen to me,
your love is my cool water, when i thirst.... ..."

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