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Love And Nature    Love Fantasy   
By: Kupadowt    
"Rain looms beyond the morning rays of sunshine.
The graying clouds linger outside my bedroom window ..."
Pains    Love Past   
By: HYS    
"If finding each other is freedom,
We both were free. ..."
Fade    The Need to be Loved   
By: Geoff Lehman    
"And in the end the dream disappears,
Leaving us alone with the falling sun. ..."
DORIS    Love Remembered   
By: Richard Oti    
"Love used to live on hope street,
But she moved away. ..."
The Kite Strings of Our Love    Love Described   
By: Kathryn A. Carlson    
"Our love is like a pretty kite
With a tail full of bows ..."
The Feel of Him    The Power of Love   
By: Cindy J Hardy    
"I can still feel him;
His breath on my cheek, ..."
The shores of Galilee    Love And Marriage   
By: sean Thomas Runyon    
"Let the love between you and your lover
be as the ebb that flows ..."
In Veneration To Your All    Love Described   
By: Wrigley    
"Wildflowers gather
to celebrate your beauty ..."
Respect    The Pains of Love   
By: Valerie Winkle    
"There is no essence of satin
No summer's day ..."
Lying Love    Love Triangle   
By: Tamela Creech Dove    
"Going through old letters
Brings tears to my eyes. ..."
Hayley P.    About a Loved One   
By: Luke Joseph Albone    
"I lay all-alone in my dark room,
Thoughts of worries about you. ..."
I Am Yours    The Power of Love   
By: Marie Natasha Grady    
"I am the prelude to a tender kiss
The cadence of your heart's beat ..."
MY EYES    The Power of Love   
By: Hilary Anne    
"Innocent eyes of a child
Where are you now?    The Pains of Love   
By: Joanne Gagarin    
"Where are you now, boy from my past?
Why did you leave so fast? ..."
A Crush    Secret Love   
By: Jacinda aka Para-Dice G. Hayes    
"Somehow and someway you've won my heart;
you've gotten the lead role ..."
Autumn Days    The Need to be Loved   
By: Kelly C O'Brien    
"Gloomy to some, peaceful to me,
The rain soothes all of my agony. ..."
Love Makes You    The Power of Love   
By: Aussie Girl    
"Love makes you see-
to find anew, the passion wild. ..."
Unaswered Questions    Unrequited Love   
By: Jenny    
"Why do
...new things have to be discovered, ..."
Never Say Never    For That Special Someone   
By: T Wiliams Williams    
"I used to say I'd never fall in love.
Then I met you on a Monday ..."
The Old Phonograph Plays    Love Remembered   
By: Miriam M. Wynn    
"If I could relive the times when
You and I were happy, ..."
Innocence Personified    Unrequited Love   
By: Robert Louis Arehart    
"Willow-slender, lithe and lovely,
fair as June-morn's waking day. ..."
Forest Angels    About a Loved One   
By: Michael David Coffey    
"In the quiet times among
the valley lilies ..."
I Know You    Love Described   
By: LadyofKnight    
"I know you... you're the song I knew by heart before we ever met;
My warm thoughts when the nights were as cold as they could get. ..."
Dublin?s loss    Love Remembered   
By: Peter William Stamp    
"Dublin?s somehow greyer
The edge gone off the ?craic? ..."
Dreaming of You    The Power of Love   
By: Frank Evans Hurley    
" I close my eyes and dream of you,
can't sleep the whole night through. ..."

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