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Broken Glass    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Nika Harshman    
"Broken glass is like a shattered heart
Broken glass is like all the tiny pieces, ripped apart. ..."
My love...    The Pains of Love   
By: Corwin Corey Amber    
"Were I to cup your cheek???
Within my hand,??? ..."
One For The Abuser    Love and Family   
By: Karen Kimberly Logsdon    
all I cared about, for Joshua, was peace. ..."
from beyond insanity    The Pains of Love   
By: Terence W Danes    
"As I peered into her eyes
I all but soon realised, ..."
I'll Miss You, Goodbye    Love Remembered   
By: Renee Lynn Gill    
"You were once my saving grace
When the outside world was unforgiving. ..."
In Movements Of The Sun    Love Declared   
By: Eurlantae    
"In movements of the sun- I see
A yellow paper fantasy ..."
PATCHES    The Pains of Love   
Starry Nights    Love Described   
By: LadyofKnight    
"Starry nights... the sky looks as though glitter
Has been sprinkled from one end to the other. ..."
Daisies in your hair    Love Remembered   
By: Austin Frank Bacchus    
"Perhaps in another time,
I would have truly fought with steel ..."
Don't Tell Them    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Albert (aka: Al) William Beck    
"Don't tell them
Romance is a green apple disguised ..."
A Love Through The Ages    The Power of Love   
By: Gordon Savio Pereira    
"I have held you before,
Another time, another place. ..."
I Can't Let You Go... But I Must    Love Declared   
By: Sinamyn Lee MistWeaver    
"I'm sorry,
i love you ..."
Loving You    The Trials of Love   
By: Cynthia A. Rivera    
"Seeing you
is like a ray of sunshine, ..."
Love's Labour Lost    Unrequited Love   
By: ckyh    
"The heart's been wringed dry.
It numbs, then thaws to hurt. ..."
The Best of Friends    Love Between Friends   
By: A. Clare F.    
"Two peas in a pod, two perfect soulmates
Two bright spirits is all it takes. ..."
Stop My Tears    The Power of Love   
By: A. Kelly    
"You know I love you and everything you do.
You make it a point to say you love me, too, ..."
Just so    Love Described   
By: Vanessa Bernsmann    
"Glimpses of my homeland in the slant of his eye
the image of my childhood days in the depth of his sigh ..."
THE REASONS WHY    Love Described   
By: Annie Lu Real_me    
"If the sun decides not to shine one morning
I know I'm just gonna have to look at your face to light up my day ..."
I want to feel love    Future Love   
By: Shannon Diana Blackburn    
"I want to feel love, feel you, feel free,
I want to love you and you to love me. ..."
If only it could be    About a Loved One   
By: Unforgettable    
"I could say a thousand words
but they would all be senseless ..."
Memories    Love and Parting   
By: Leaghsa    
"I turned off the warm water running over me in the shower
And opened the door ..."
I Held Her Dying Hand    Love and Death   
By: Stanley Wilkin    
"I held her dying hand in the soft morning light
I studied the shrinking life in her eyes. ..."
untitled    New Love   
By: Nater Chesher    
"---I want to give you the world---
To Sweet Surrender    Love Described   
By: Kristine Beulke    
" I close my eyes
to sweet surrender. ..."
A Crush ~ A Rush    The Power of Love   
By: Doves Cry    
"Oh, man
Come hither~ ..."

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