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To My Best Friend    Love Between Friends   
By: Amanda Kelly AK-47    
"To My Best Friend, the one who has always cared.
To My Best Friend, the one who will always be there. ..."
Confused    Love Triangle   
By: Shorty Belle    
"Puzzled; yet knowing
What these thoughts are all about ..."
A Verse For Sandra    Unrequited Love   
By: D H C    
"Sweet of breath and flushed with passion
she steals past the eyes and is my heart's assassin. ..."
COME WALK WITH ME...    The Power of Love   
By: Laurel Anne McFarlen    
Killing Me    Love Declared   
By: Lauren Elan Mitchell    
"your words entwine me
like a fly caught in a spiders web ..."
DayShift Love    Disappointed by Love   
By: L R M    
"Our mornings are sweet with pancakes and a kiss
but never on the lips, ..."
The Night Remembers When    Unrequited Love   
By: Jenna L S.    
"Springtime fades to summer, and summer into fall,
distant are the memories, and rarely do they call. ..."
Dream    Love Described   
By: Michael David Coffey    
"Dream, dream, dream
Of life in a rose garden ..."
Sorry I Wasted Your Time!    Suicide   
By: Jess Hinchberger    
"They say, "What doesn't kill you
Makes you all the stronger." ..."
Broken    Love and Betrayal   
By: Portia Steele    
"Come walk with me, my lovely,
I?m feeling very lonely. ..."
This Gift I Give    The Power of Love   
By: William Mae    
"Touch me with your eyes,
Caress me with your look, ..."
August Angels    The Power of Love   
By: Anthony James de Matteis    
"Still winds cut through this summer dream.
Reality shakes the trees, but the roots run too deep. ..."
soulmates you said    Abiding Love   
By: Mary Hill    
"It is something of a dream,
"soulmates", you said, ..."
The Empress of My Soul    Love Described   
By: Neale Richard Dirling    
"She is in my every dream
When comes the darkness of the night. ..."
She Takes Me...    Love Declared   
By: William Thomas Kinsey    
"She takes me many places
that I have never been: ..."
I Know I'll Love Again    Love Past   
By: Angel    
"How do you repair a heart that's broken?
How do you heal the wounds? ..."
You Were, You are    Suicide   
By: M.R.S.    
" You were the reason I got up everyday
Because you told me you wanted to see me ..."
Rolling Thunder    Love Described   
By: Barbara E. Rambo    
"Lips, as soft as a rose
Your kiss makes me complete ..."
Soon    Future Love   
By: Kristine Beulke    
" As tears, ever so quietly,
slide down my cheek towards ..."
fading scars    The Need to be Loved   
By: Connie A Barnes    
"The torment wraps itself around the heart
Like a wild vine. ..."
Love Zone    Love Fantasy   
By: Sunday B. Fakus    
"A place, where two hearts beat as one
Where the horizon meets the ocean ..."
A Flower in the Snow    Love Remembered   
By: John Seabrook    
"I saw a flower, out in the snow,
From whence did it come; why does it grow, ..."
the temptaion of the flower    Tempted by Love   
By: Doug Roberson    
"I chance upon a flower in a field
and try to find the will to wield ..."
My Spring    Love Described   
By: Roland John Olson    
"The green of my life's blooming tree
Smells sweet and free ..."
No CoNtRoL    The Pains of Love   
By: K. Ferguson    
" I can't control who you want.
It's up to you to choose. ..."

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