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Do You Still Think of Me?
by Douglas Parker Young, Jr.

A splendid sunrise can make me think of you,
Or a swell blue sky or pretty rainbow, too.
You still warm my heart to stoke harmony;
Tell me, my love, do you still think of me?

I heard your voice on an old answer machine;
Oh, how my heart leapt and then felt so serene.
Your soft, melodic sounds still make me unwind;
Can you remember when you used to praise mine?

A grand garden with fabulous flowers
Reminds me of the romance that was ours;
Is there some place special that brings me to mind,
Stirring a memory of us so sublime?

Gazing up at a star-lit sky
Evokes your image and a sigh;
When it's quiet at night and you're in bed,
Do thoughts of me enter your lovely head?

I think of you when reviewing regrets -- 
And you remain by far my biggest yet;
How I pined for you so, but then let you go --
Do you ever dream of me as your beau?

When the blues stalk me everywhere,
And they weigh more than I can bear,
You still star in my fantasy --
Do your dreams still include me?

How I yearn to flee this plight,
Take your hand, and hold you tight;
Do you ever ponder how it could be,
You and me together, in love and free?

I harbor hopes we can some day still meet,
Hold hands, embrace, and at last feel complete;
To be with you again would be like a dream --
Do you still wonder how we'd be as a team?

You remain my most inspiring muse,
Chasing away the most stubborn blues.
You and love poems are like fine flowers in a vase;
Would you like me to take you in a long embrace?

Though we haven't met in years,
To me you still have no peers;
That kiss with you was the best of my life --
Do you still recall that enchanting night?

You're that stunning portrait with the sexy stare --
What a thrill it would be to caress you bare,
To envelop each other with nary a care....
Do you dare ever imagine us as a pair?

Life still intervenes
And dreams remain dreams; 
But what I would give to feel your heart by mine --
Do images like this ever cross your mind?

So thank you, my dear, for conjuring thoughts of you --
Such potent memories stir quite a pumpkin brew;
You enhance my life with some mighty saucy spice --
And may your thoughts of me remain more than just nice!
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Poem ID: 89682   Poem Posted: 1/5/2019
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Copyright , 1/5/2019, Douglas Parker Young, Jr.  all rights reserved by the author.
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