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The Day I Dream Of
by LaQuanda Marie Murphy

You:  Hey How are u? What are u doing?

Me:   Hello, I?m fine sitting here thinking 
      about all the things that have happened to me 
      and all that I have been through.

You:  How was your day?

Me:   Not to swell trying to perk myself up.

You:  Funny we must be on the same page. 
      I feel like I lost a gift so true. 
      AS I sit back and wonder what should I do? 
      Do I go back and apologize and let her know 
      I?ll always be there? 
      Or do I sit back and wonder 
      what would?ve happened if I...

Me:   Tell her how u feel but most of all keep it real. 
      If she?s down for u like she says she is 
      than she?ll feel the pain that u feel. 
      Hold your head up and swallow your pride 
      before time passes u by.

You: I  have a confession to make. My 'she' is u. 
     Since that day I hurt u haven?t known what to do. 
     You are everything I want. 
     To have u by my side doesn?t compare to those around me. 
     I?ve come to the conclusion I don?t want u to slip away. 
     So what I?m getting at is... will u be my Baby?

Me:  I?m at a lost for words, 
     I don?t know what to say 
     for many months I dreamed of this day. 
     To hear those words flow out of your mouth. 
     This seems unreal but yet it?s true. 
     The answer to your question is yes 
     I?ll be your Boo.

I awaken to see that this is all a dream. 
To experience this I may not ever know what it means. 
Tears fill my eyes because I thought my dream had come true. 
This shows that I?m thinking of u 
and I put u up above. 
As I wait for this day I dream of.
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Poem ID: 83167   Poem Posted: 3/14/2016
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Copyright , 5/3/06, LaQuanda Marie Murphy  all rights reserved by the author.
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