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by richard bernard phillips

One day I saw myself, 
first heard a voice- 
deep and rasp, 
my ears to grasp.  

Could it be?  
Would this voice someday be calling me?  
Turned around, 
saw who made that beautiful sound.

My eyes felt grace, 
the voice came from such a lovely face.
The feeling subsided, 
I went to class un-abided.  

This was just the first day, 
one of many 
I would have to stay, 
and obey by the rules of college.  

Saw her a second time, 
now I try to describe what I felt in rhyme.
For I'm not sure of the feeling.
What a crime.  

Never believing I would meet this creature
face to face.  
The feeling I felt
would probably go to waste.  

But without haste, 
we met... 
and I was allowed to taste 
those lips of grace.

We were together much,
how I longed 
for your gentle touch, 
but this was not meant to be, 

Beyond her tainted boundary, 
which I could not see, 
but felt it, 
as if it were an old strong powerful tree.

With  limbs that cut through 
the blue sky of sea, 
For she did not even like me.  
And all you need to do is see,

Look at me! 

For I hold the remnants of pain, 
how much I saw in her to gain.  
Brunette so dark, 
your brown eyes have left their mark.
Now I stand stark naked without you, 

I will not make it.
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Poem ID: 63638   Poem Posted: 3/22/2016
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