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Momma I...
by shorty  4~show

I hate being told 'you're just a child.'
I hate being told 'in a while.'
I hate being told 'no.'
I hate being told 'you can't go.'
I hate being told what to do.
I got that from you!

I smoked weed,
I lied to you,
I drank alcohol,
and I said you were a bitch,
I had sex,
I screamed at you,
I ran away,
and I did the worst things I could do!

You have to know the truth,
my intentions where not to hurt you.

I love you and I know you love me too 
looking at us you wouldn't know it by the way we fight and argue.
I'm sorry more than you could ever know!

More than anything I want to show,
to show you I'm sorry for what I've done,
to show you I've learned my lesson.
You gave me two things I will always cherish, 
my life, and your love. 

This is my apology to you!
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Poem ID: 64146   Poem Posted: 3/22/2016
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Copyright , 7/28/01, shorty 4~show  all rights reserved by the author.
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