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I Wish
by Robert Barton Rushing

If I had one wish
just one wish
that I knew would absolutely come true...

It would not be for me
but rather
a wish I'd make for you

I would wish to somehow make you see
and know it in your heart of hearts
exactly how much you mean to me

That you are not just adored
but idolized
all but worshiped
Adored?  Not strong enough of a word...

That you are not just loved
but Loved...
That you would know that the way that they love in novels
and films
is nothing but a calm breeze
next to the hurricane of emotion
I feel for you
Love?  Something above, if there is such a thing...

That I could somehow
make you know
that I am in love
Such Love!
in love with you

My love is deep
and tall
and high 
and low
and wherever you are
my love will go...

You are amazing 
absolutely, wholly, incredibly 
Exceptional in every way
extraordinary beyond the pale
the most amazing person
I've ever met
most incredible woman 
I've ever known
you are all I want
or could ever hope for

You are my all in all
a blessing above and beyond
all that I ever hoped
or dreamed
far and away
the very best thing
ever happened to me...

I pray daily
you are blessed every day
in every single way
above all you hope or dream or think...

Because that's what you are to me...

I declare and decree
before God and all His creation
that my heart is yours 
and Completely 

I will never stop
trying to find the words
trying to show with my actions
trying to prove to you
how wonderful you are
how splendid
how my heart is knit to yours
how much I am in complete
and utter
of you...
And how rightly so
how amazing you really are...

I long for you
in your absence
yearn for you
when you are away
need you to see that your presence
fills me with joy any day

Oh! How I love you!
How you make me feel complete...
and make me see the world differently 
and feel that I can compete

You make me feel so much
like I am a brand new man
and there is a brand new world
and in it I can
live a brand new life
accomplish anything 
nothing on earth can stop me
I can do anything 

The future looks so bright
every day filled with joy
the world couldn't be more right
my heart feels light

I am a better person
all because of you
a much better man
than I ever knew
you make me want to be
a better and better man
and thanks to you
now I know I can

You make me better
and happier too...
so blissfully happy
when I am with you

I'm sorry if I ramble...
just can't seem to quit
can't say enough about you
I have been bit

Bitten by Cupid's arrow
my heart is all on fire
no one that I know
ever took me higher

Passion doesn't begin
to describe what it is that fills me
and there is no end
to how much you thrill me

I swear to you here and now
before all of heaven's host
it is and always will be
you that I love most

I will never tire
never bore, and never quit
each day my love is new
each day more complete

My heart and soul and mind and body
all are on fire
every atom of me
filled with pure desire 
no one and nothing
could ever change my mind
if I am still a man
then I'm certainly a different kind
because you change me
you make me grow
you make me better...

I want to fulfill all your dreams
right down to the letter

I can't come close to conveying 
all that you make me feel
it is overwhelming
my heart beats faster still
and when you are not present
I miss you like the rain
my mind and my heart fixed on you
until we meet again

No other can distract me
no other could ever compete
for you and only you
are all I ever need 
My thoughts stayed on you
faithful not only in deed
my very thought-life faithful
to the only woman I ever need

I wish I could convey
find a way to say
what you mean to me
and show you what I see
How incredible you are
and how you fill my heart
and let you see, too
how in love I am with you
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Copyright , April 2016, Robert Barton Rushing  all rights reserved by the author.
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