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how i feel
by chel luvs drz

i dont know what to do
i think i'm fallin' in love with you
i can't take it anymore
i wanna be with you and nobody else

you're the one for me
at least that's what i think
but you're in love with her
and there's nothin' i can do

except sit here and wait for you
to change your mind
i wish i could run back the hands of time
and make you mine
you never would have ended up with her
you would have been mine for sure
we said we would get together
but don't know when
because every time you're with her- i'm single 
every time i'm with him- you're single
when is this all gonna end,
when are we gonna be together?
and if we do... will it last forever?
or will it happen never?
i've givin you so many chances
why havn't you taken them

is it because i'm with him?
you're the love of my life
i wish i could be your wife
remember when you said 
you could beat the love i have for eminem

well, you were right
i wanna be with you day and night
and hold you very tight
everything you tell me 

is it all real?
is it how you really feel?
or what you tell me, best friend,
how you feel about me
like i said- is it all real?
or is it a lie?
you know i feel incomplete
without you
so why do you play all these games?

now you know how i feel
this time it's your deal
do you want us to be real?
tell me how you feel...

this poem is to drz hopefully you'll answer me
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Poem ID: 74088   Poem Posted: 12/16/2016
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