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My Love
by Lorenzo Maurice Davis

If you only understood 
what type of man you have 
then you would never look anywhere else to find one, 

You could search through 
the innermost depths of the ocean 
all the way to the highest peak of the mountains,  
and even a volcano eruption 
could not shake the real love 
that comes from this heart. 

If it were possible for anyone
to open up the gates of heaven...
I would find my way in 
just to pick a beautiful feather 
from an Angel's back 
and bring it back to you,  

If you got lost on earth 
spending all your days 
to find a man like me,  
I would leave heaven for a moment 
just to come back to you,  
give you a kiss on your sexy chocolate lips 
and hand you the angels feather 
so you could fly away with me,  
maybe then you would see that my love is so true.  

You would finally realized 
that you are number one 
even though sometimes you feel like you are not...  
my only wish for you is that you will see 
that my love for you is not a race,  
there is no such thing as first place, 
the only thing that you will see 
when you are loving a man like me 
is heaven...

I never doubted your love for me 
but I know that life is full of doubts 
when we have no clue whether we live or die,  
but if you just taste a glimpse of my love, 
then you will never search for another one, 
because words cannot express 
what you have already found on earth, 
life seems like hell, but my love is heaven, 
it's not a place where you go, 
it is the life that we both chose, 

We just forgot that we put ourselves here.
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Poem ID: 89185   Poem Posted: 12/23/2016
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Copyright , 2016, Lorenzo Maurice Davis  all rights reserved by the author.
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