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Her Beauty
by Jamie Robert Harris

Her eyes are as lovely as the setting sun
Her lips and smile, a rose that grows unlike any other
Her beauty, the view of an ocean bay when stars are high
Watch the moon- her face is etched within

I have seen beauty as true as it can be
Pure, like the green grass of meadows far and wide
Where the clouds are so white and role peacefully by
I run with the breeze trying to catch butterflies 

Their escape- bringing me to a mountain's edge
Where flowing rivers below open up to new lands
A whole new world where at peek of night 
The horizon and sky hold hands

Where her eyes are as lovely as the setting sun
There old birds perched on trees, shelter their young
Waiting to die for the love they want their souls to know
Yesterday a dream, today a nightmare of freezing rain turning to snow

Nothing in paradise ever lasts, though great hearts live on
We met and not in dreams, this time she was the strength 
Holding a crumbling man together 
As seasons change and happiness is long gone

The magic of this place, still here after all this time
She grows with the daisies and sings with the larks
She speaks to me softly- right where it hurts
I hold her hands so she may feel my veins

You are in there, I promise you are
Thy blood runs thru my heart,
She will always live within
For the moon, she rises and magic breaths again

As the setting sun shows her eyes
As lovely as the morning dew
When spring does near and the sky is blue
Read the grave stone written for two

"Here lies love from a time before this
When days were right and the world was bliss
Two eyes lay beneath, 
Lovely as the setting sun...
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