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The Heart speaks
by Lorenzo Maurice Davis

The mind may lie but the heart always speaks the truth, 
And there has never been a defining moment 
Like this in my life 
Where my heart has to say what it wants to. 

I wrote this poem over ten years ago, 
And this is the only thing that I remember, 
I wish I would have known you back then, 
But I waited until my birthday came in November, 

What I found was a gift full of love 
And it tasted so tender, 
What I felt was a woman who was in love, 
And she wasn't a pretender, 

The other girls I used to mess with 
Were a little more slimmer, 
But their hearts were bendable, 
I needed something thicker. 

I knew you needed to start 
Something new with a beginner, 
But I also knew that my heart speaks the truth, 
So that makes me a winner. 

We were tired of games 
When it finally became time for us to eat dinner, 
We both enjoyed our meals 
And prayed that God would forgive all sinners, 

Because the the mind may lie, 
But the heart always speaks the truth, 
And there are no other words I can say, 
Than to say that I love you. 

If the only thing you want me to do 
Is to help you win and not lose, 
Then your wish will come true. 

The only thing I want- 
Is for you to be you, 
If you get a little angry, 
Try your best to remain cool. 

I've never been a playa, 
So, I don't play by the rules.
You already know, that I am your only dude, 
But there is only so much I can do, 

I can't help it that my heart has to say
What it wants to.. 
The mind may lie and a life may die, 
So, what do we do in order to survive?

I can't even drive until you see with my eyes the heart that you have 
I know you will ride, 
So, baby don't cry, I'm just a moment away, 
And I promise... I will be right by your side.
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Poem ID: 89197   Poem Posted: 1/1/2017
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Copyright , 2016, Lorenzo Maurice Davis  all rights reserved by the author.
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