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Simba, will you be my valentine?
I'll show you off and call you mine
I know it's you, I need no sign
I'll clean up God, we'll go out and dine
And afterwards chug some really good wine
You're ever so handsome, beautiful and fine
So hurry, say yes, I'll only count to nine

Simba, will you be my one and only?
You with me, I'll not be lonely
The time we shared I remember fondly
What we have is sweet, so sweet and lovely
I know what you want is simple and homely
To me, you'll always be cute and comely
Be quick to agree, I'll be your dolly

Simba, Will you be my 'forever and always?'
To you I'll look and never sideways
'Cause I know it's hard to trust nowadays
But you need not worry, you're in all my days
You dwell in my heart, I think of you in all ways
We're together in our nears and far aways
Don't dilly-dally, I'm waiting for your okays

Simba, Will you be my true love?
You're truly a gift from the one above
What you want, need, I'm ready to serve
Whatever that is mine, all of it you have
All I say is straight, I will not curve
I'll bring you everything, even a little dove
Hurry up, don't wait- I'll be your fave
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Poem ID: 89464   Poem Posted: 10/3/2017
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