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by Keanna Shantia Crum

Thinking inside of thinking,
Trapped inside my brain.
The storms has started,
But it has yet to rain.
Thinking of ways I can break this chain,
Praying in the end its something to gain.

Thoughts are everywhere but nothing is coming to light
In the end I pray I will win this fight
It seems as I've lost all sight
Sight of reality Nothing is what it seems to be
Deep in thought wanting this pain to set me free

Emotions are running rampant in fear begins to sink in
I'm going through thought after thought 
Trying to see where it all begin
I'm not feeling comfortable in my own skin
Where do I turn when I don't speak to my close kin

I'm lost in, trapped trying to find my way 
But I know I can't face this pain another day
Not fully grasping or understanding why I chose this day
But I know there's a whole lot more left for me to say

So I stay trapped inside my brain 
Hoping this emotional roller coaster I can maintain

But there is one thing I'm sure of 
Is this conversation needs to be had
I open my mouth and ask if we could talk 
Without either of us getting mad
He speaks, saying what I expect him to say,
"No, because you shouldn't be going through my phone in the first place"
Nothing but rage comes across my face
Even though I knew he'll say that, 
It didn't stop from cutting like grass
Now he's hiding behind his mask 

Saying things like 'you made yourself mad'
Thinking it would work
Deep down I'm sad 
But mostly I'm hurt

I shake it off like I really don't care
Praying these thoughts of murder would disappear 
I was a fool to think I could keep you near
All alone you were the reason for my fear

But you hurt me for the last time
It's no more you and I
I will not play the fool 
This pretending to be happy is no longer cool

I hope she has a worn spot in her bed for you to sleep
This moment, right here, is the last time I'll weep
Weep because the things you do
Weep because what was once whole has split into two

There's no more you and me
I have open my eyes in finally I see
How all this drama came to be
Believe a person the first time they show who they really are 
On this much I agree

I'm letting go of all this sorrow 
Looking forward to a better tomorrow 
They say the hardest thing to do is walk away 
But this relationship is suicidal and I can't stay
I know you'll miss me more than you'll ever know
I'm happy this is done and now you can watch me grow
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Poem ID: 89468   Poem Posted: 10/4/2017
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Copyright , 10-03-17, Keanna Shantia Crum  all rights reserved by the author.
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